The day of your wedding ought to be one of the best and most vital days of your life, so it bodes well that a few individuals decide to spend a considerable measure of cash on it. Yet, regularly, there are numerous parts of a wedding that individuals don’t even consider.

While the wedding day is imperative, numerous individuals wonder toward the end of it how it passed by so quick and where all the cash went.You need to focus with your fiance whether you want a big or expensive wedding or you want an amazing wedding without getting broke.

Here are some tips that you can employ to make your wedding amazing by spending on wedding in a smart way.

1) Limit the guests

people usually try to invite as many guests as they can but truly there is no need to do that. It should be a cheerful day, so welcome individuals you think about and individuals who make you upbeat. At times, toning it down would be ideal.

Keep the guest list short that will greatly reduce wedding expense as most caterers and banquets charge per individual so by keeping the short guest list you may save a lot.

2) Invitation cards

Usually people spending a lot money on invitation cards which is of no use. The better option is to use simple design flat cards rather than those that fold and open up. Choose colors wisely and go towards traditional colors that’ll save you a bit.

3) Assistance from Your Companions

You may ask your friends to do things in your wedding for example if  your companions sing well, ask them to be the band on your wedding, thus, you can save the money that could be spent on DJ. If anyone in your social circle owns a catering business, ask him to do the menu. If any of your friends has a talent to do photography, let him be the photographer for your wedding.

4) Food

Arrange the food in buffet style and cut down the number of dishes, instead of employing large number of small dishes, try to incorporate small number of big dishes.

5) Decorations

Decorations are very important in wedding but it’s not necessary that for an amazing decoration one needs to spend a lot on it. Instead, you can cut down the decoration price by using some ideas.

For stage decoration you can choose one flower rather than mixed flowers, that’ll save you a lot.

Then coming towards venue decoration. You can decorate tables by placing each flower at every corner rather than placing a flower vase on each table and so on.

6) Venue

If anyone in your circle owns a big lawn then contract them for your wedding venue, it can reduce wedding cost by 50%. You can also use public parks or some any place that rents much less than traditional hall or banquet.

7) Day time wedding

If you go for day time wedding rather than night wedding then you can save money spent on lighting. For day time wedding you will have plenty options such as lawns, parks, beach etc

8) Gifts for guests

Don’t spend huge amount on gifts for guests, try to be creative by making a handmade gift or card even the gift wrapping can also be done at home at reasonable price. You can even go to an antique store where you can find something meeting your requirement but inexpensive.

9) Shop during sale season

When you know your wedding has come close, try to plan everything at a fast pace, the best way to cut down money is to hit big sales. You can get your wedding dress at much discounted price or the gifts or any wedding stuff.

10) It’s okay to borrow stuff

In wedding shopping, many things that are bought are used only once and then they are thrown somewhere in store so it’s fine if you borrow some wedding stuff from a couple who got married couple of years ago.