So you’re going to get married but you want to be sure about your decision? Your married life can be successful if you marry the right person or else you’ll end up in separation, regret and depression.

Here, are the few signs that indicate that you’re marrying the right person.If you don’t find these signs in your partner,it’s time to re think over the decision.

1. You can act naturally around him

you can be yourself around your partner just the way you are without pretending anything and fearing. May be during engagement period,you might have pretended to like your partner’s favorite movie but actually you don’t so,no just need to pretend.Don’t hesitate to show the real side of yourself.

2. You feel good sharing stuff with him

May be there are some secrets that you don’t let anyone know,may be you’ve done something in your youth that you now repent or may be something exciting or silly,whatever it may be,if you feel comfortable and good to tell about it to your partner to seek support,you’re with the right person.

3. You can see yourself developing with him

when thinking about married life,if you see your fiance growing old with you,even with the gray hair,you see him to love see kids with him,you’re marrying the right person..

4. You believe he’ll prove to be an extraordinary parent

If you’re sure that your partner will prove to be a great parent.He’ll do all the things required for best bringing up of kids and will provide them a better future and will help the kids to build up the good personality traits,then you’re marrying the right person.

5. You’re sure your partner loves you

In your true inner being, you know this man adores you. Notwithstanding when you botch up. Notwithstanding when you say something mean. Notwithstanding when he’s irritated with you.If he doesn’t get angry on minor things and things become same as before by just saying a sorry,then you’re in a perfect relationship.

6. You share similar goals

When it comes to married life,you and your partner share the same log term goals if its about number of kids,residence,work or anything.If you share similar thoughts then you’re with the right person.

7. You adore your partner’s family

As you know marriage bonds two families so if you’re comfortable and happy with your partner’s family and happily go to meet them and don’t complain about your in-laws then,you’re marring the right person.

8. you miss your partner when he’s not around

If you miss your partner when you’re apart.If you want to be with him always and want to share everything,every stuff with him.If you think he’s the only one who understands you deeply,then you’re with the right person.

9. He allows you to be social

If he allows you to be social with your friends,colleagues at work and doesn’t interfere in your personal stuff.If he cares for your friends and often invite them to dinner just to make you happy.If you find find these qualities in your partner,you’re surely with the right person.

10. He appreciates you

If he notices minute details about you,whether it is a new dress or a new hair cut or whether it is about your any achievement ,if he always appreciates you and motivates you to be better,then you’re marrying the right person.

11. Your partner trusts you

If your partner doesn’t monitor your phone calls,your social web accounts.If he doesn’t ask you to leave your friends or those you care about.If he’s not controlling your life rather sharing it with you,then,you’re marrying the right person.

If you find above characteristics in your partner, then go ahead, plan for a wedding because you’re marrying the right person.