Planning a Wedding

is undoubtedly a tough task and only those who are spending, and doing all the efforts to make it the best event for the couple knows the stress they are bearing (usually parents), it’s a matter of life or death for them because in the end everything needs to be perfect and awesome.

You not only have the responsibility to cater to the comfort and accommodation of the guests but also have to cater the needs of the bride and groom in order to make it a respectful and a lovely event. But thanks to the event managers and planners this responsibility has been greatly handled on their part now days, yet venue providers do offer their florists, sound and catering services so the load is mostly shifted to them and all you have to deal with is your shopping, dresses, salons and photographers.

But still it is quite a hectic to sort out the best vendors in the town and visiting them which costs you a lot of fuel, money and time, what good it would be if one gets the access to all their desired vendors on one click, yes Shapewedding is your one stop booking place that helps you connect to your vendors on one click and call, all you have to do is let the firm know all your preferences and let the magic of the genie work, we at Shapewedding do your bookings for you and save you from the hectic of travelling and also your precious time.

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