While arranging the ideal date for a wedding, several minute details should be considered, from wedding dress, decoration to accessibility of a certain venue etc. Aside from everything else, considerably climate assumes a vital part in arranging a wedding. Some lean toward summers while others cherish winters .

Here, we’re concerned regarding the summer weddings as to what should be or what should not be in summer weddings.

1) Venue for summer wedding

since, in summer season, there is a lot of dryness, hotness and humidity in air so the most suitable venue for the summer wedding  can be a banquet so that the couple and guests may relax and enjoy the evening.


The decoration must include fresh flowers arrangement as we know the best flowers are available in summer such as roses, tulips, daffodils, mogra and many more. You can utilize small flower vases for table decoration or the side pillars.

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any wedding venue is highlighted by the decoration of stage. You can use white roses and tulips to decor the stage as it is summer wedding, light colors soothes the eyes.


2) Wedding dress

Wedding dress should be of light colors for instance purple, blush, lime and many more


Blush is sophisticated shade of pink, combined with the make up and jewellery, it will give a very soft and elegant look.



Aquamarine is a cool shade of blue color and is really gorgeous for summer weddings.



White color is the color of the years and this color matches all skin tones.

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Emerald is the stunning shade of green and will stand out really gorgeous on your wedding day especially in the photographs.

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3) Jewellery

For summer weddings I’m listing here few suggestions for selections of jewellery

Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are always in fashion with all their appeal and advancement in marriage stuff. Pearl necklace gives bride a touch of elegance and royalty.


Head Piece

Head pieces are getting popular among bridal jewellery these days . Brides wear jewelled head band to add elegance to their look combined with the traditional touch.

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Chandelier Earrings

If your wedding dress is of short neck then you must go for chandelier earrings to add elegance to your look yet looking stunning.


4) Soft drinks

Soft fruit drinks should be continuously served to guests to keep them hydrated and lively.

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5) Dinner

In summer weddings,avoid spicy food as it can upset the metabolism of the body,you can employ chinese, italian or continental cuisine.

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6) Sweet dish

In sweet dish you can serve puddings, ice creams and cakes.

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I hope this article helped you regarding planning of summer wedding.however,there can be so many innovative ideas to make your summer wedding a unique one,just think beyond the limits and typical ways to achieve it.