It would be ideal if your wedding dress matches the overall wedding theme. Regardless the facts whether you pick your theme or the dress first, try to make sure that they go well together. Stripes and dots, confetti, floral themes are here to guarantee you a great wedding celebration.

Stripes and dots wedding theme

A lot of contemporary designers create the wedding gowns with stripes and polka dot patterns, which look both stylish and romantic especially when complemented with the feminine hairstyle and makeup.

In this case you should ask your groom to opt for the suit in neutral shades complemented by the striped hankie or tie. Don’t forget about wedding invitations: you may consider having the striped or polka-dot envelopes or invitations themselves.

Confetti wedding theme

Opt for the wedding invitations with confetti design and envelopes in the bold hues like bright pink. Once the guest walks into the reception area, give him a bright cocktail with a candy embellishment in the matching hues with your dress. Believe me the cocktail hour will never be as fun. Also don’t forget to add the color to your wedding cake.

Floral wedding theme

You can use blooms in almost every single wedding theme element: tablecloths, napkins, ribbons, invitations etc. Just make sure that everything is based on flowers. By the moment guests decide to leave home, have them take the wedding favors packed in the gift box with a floral bow finish.