The Food you serve at your wedding will play a BIG part in your day, and is likely biggest expense you will bear. For this reason getting the food right and making sure your guests are happy is a big part of your planning. There are so many choices these days of different sorts of catering options, and so many ways to make sure your personalities shine through in your menu choice.

When deciding on your menu, keep in mind that some of your guests will have special diet considerations. There will always be a handful of people who are gluten free/vegan/vegetarian, and while you can try to arrange options for these people, it’s not always possible to please everyone.

While selecting a menu you should bear in mind that the food should look good and equally should taste great. That’s the key point of a great menu.

Before you select any caterer, make sure you taste the food before. Try as many caterers as you can and take few family members with you so that they can help you in selecting the best caterer that has the best food.

Here,you can have few ideas to select your wedding menu

Reception Drinks

Reception drinks are a great way of creating the first impression for the celebrations ahead. You can serve different cocktails, fresh juices, shakes and much more. You can serve Pimms or a summer punch; presented in jam jars with stripy straws these make a fantastic fun festival option. You can opt to host a cocktail hour and serve your guest’s favorites tipples, signature ‘male’ and ‘female’ cocktails. For soft you can serve fruit drinks in big glass jar dispensers, served with fresh berries and mint. Your guests will have endless fun choosing flavors and recalling of years gone by!


International Cuisine

If you’re planning an international themed wedding, your wedding food can depict various cultures through your menu choices. You can choose from chinese, Italian. american and Pakistani cuisines.

Other options such as chicken wrapped in Parma ham, beef in mini Yorkshire puddings and vegetable tempura with a Asian dipping sauce are extremely popular options.


Street Carts

Set to be huge this summer and beyond, we love this catering option, they are another great way of injecting international cuisine into your big day. Serving anything from Asian noodles to burgers, live food stations are dotted around your reception venue with chefs handing out yummy dishes; these can be themed in line with your day.


Traditional Favorites

Don’t be afraid to serve your guests your favorite dishes, even if you are afraid it’s not formal enough, the chances are your guests will love it too! If something isn’t on your caterer’s menu it’s always worth discussing your requirements with them to see if they can create something specifically for your wedding. If you absolutely love fish and chips or pie and mash or biryani and salad it’s worth exploring with your caterer ways of incorporating this into your meal.


Each dessert table should be presented with beautiful cut glass cake stands, bowls and glasses, so that guests are then encouraged to fill their vintage tea cup with jellies, berries, creams The elegance of the glass combined with the scrumptious rich food allows guests to be as creative or restrained as they like!