Marriage is a legal bond, union or link between man and woman which not only involves the people getting married but also the respective families of bride and groom.

When we talk about a desi wedding, millions of things start running in our mind such as the expensive and designer dresses, glamorous makeup, jewellery, music, dj & band, traditional food, sangeet and a lot more. Wedding is considered as a major occasion all around the globe but when it comes to south asian countries it’s more than just a wedding, desi people are known to take their weddings to the next level, which usually comprises of many sub events such as engagement, dholki, mayyun, mehndi, barat, valima. Every one of these events depict the values highlighting desi culture, tradition and heritage.

So in order to to understand these weddings better we have compiled a list of many awesome things that you’ll only get to see in desi weddings.
1) Ladies dressed as icons:
You’ll see each of the ladies of the family looking beautiful, elegant and gorgeous wearing colorful and gracious traditional dresses like sarhi, sharara, gharara, pishwas, shalwar kameez with cheerful smiles on the faces, greeting each other and taking selfies and pictures.

2) Striking decorations:
Now a days, banquets are more often used than halls and thus, the decoration level is somewhat getting high. You’ll see dazzling decoration of the stage with rose flowers and the tables with gorgeous center pieces, the high class catering and the disco lights, each of these attracting people’s attention.

3) You get surrounded by the relatives:
You’ll get caught by the relatives, saying,”oh!,you got this much tall or you got this much old” whom you had not seen since your childhood.

4) Delicious food:
You’ll see food in buffet style comprising of traditional dishes such as biryani,qorma,karahi,kheer,ice cream,halwa and a lot more. However, there are always some aunties and uncles who start eating at the food tables, blocking other’s way to food.

5) Gifts by the guests:
You’ll see Bride and groom’s parents collecting gifts from the guests and simultaneously uttering “oh! There wasn’t any need to bring gifts; you came that’s more than enough”

6) Some people can never be happy
You’ll always see some people at the wedding complaining about something. Such as, the food wasn’t that good, the music was loud, the bride was over dressed, the groom didn’t look nice or whatever.

7) Photographs:
Photographers and video makers are hired and everyone gets pictured himself posing like a celebrity. Girls would be posing making pout and duck faces. You’ll see people calling out each other’s names for family photographs that afterwards remain a memory.

8) Bhangra dance:
A desi wedding is incomplete without a bhangra dance. Boys wearing kurta pajamas do bhangra dance when barat arrives, you’ll see everyone clapping, dancing, whistling and cheering the boys.

9) Sangeet:
When it comes to desi wedding, you’ll surely see ladies singing songs on dholak and dancing like crazy peeps. daanidya being the common practice. Traditionally, prior to the wedding, the ladies would assemble at the spouse’s home to sing (and dance) the night away.

10) Mayoon:
The Mayoon is generally celebrated at the spouse’s home and is gone to by her nearby loved ones. The spouse spruces up in a straightforward yellow Shalwar Kameez, and must stay in yellow apparel until the Mehendi day. The bride and groom are not allowed to see each other after the Mayun; bride is not allowed to leave her house
At mayoon,relatives of bride play ubtan among themselves in which they rub little ubtan on each other’s faces.

11) Mehndi:
Rasm E Mehndi happens a day prior to the wedding. It’s a function essentially of ladies. They apply Mehndi to the spouse’s hands and feet.Sadka is performed on the spouse i.e. giving cash hovering three times on the lady’s head. Generally mehndi was brought by groom’s guardians.Customarily, the lady is not permitted to tune in the festivals and keeps her face covered up in cloak. Rasm E Mehndi is composed for grooms likewise in a few sections of Pakistan.

12)Crying is mandatory during rukhsati:
When the time of rukhsati comes, the bride’s relatives cry out loud, hugging the bride and wishing her good luck for the married life. however, the bride is more concerned about her makeup, at which she spent huge amount, but she can’t tell people to calm.