Are you going to plan your wedding?Are you afraid of wedding catastrophes?Here is a list of few common mistakes in wedding planning that might help you to avoid such mistakes.


Many problems are caused by conflicting expectations. Until you’ve planned a wedding, you have no idea of the number of choices and decisions you will need to make, and the great emotional turmoil that can be attached to many of them. Attempting to separate fantasy from reality will help minimize the source of many problems and is the key to defining your own expectations.

Before you begin making specific wedding plans decide what is truly important to you. Do your reading early on. Buy a wedding book and some bridal magazines, and then attempt to separate fantasy from what is reality for you and your situation.

Decide what your priorities are, what potential compromises are, and what is not worth your time and energy. Doing this will help you in establishing the formality of your wedding and your budget. It will also help you in communicating more effectively with your family and wedding vendors, ultimately, saving you the time, stress, and money.


Issues relating to money usually cause more stress than anything else in the wedding planning process. Probably the most important thing you can do in planning a wedding is to a set a realistic budget and stick with it.

Many brides and parents get so stressed out over the cost of the wedding that they completely lose sight of the joy and excitement of the time. Don’t let the almighty dollar ruin what should be one of the most enjoyable experiences for you and your family. Set a budget and follow it.

Most people do not have a clue what a wedding will cost, so in order to set a budget you should first do an overview of all expected expenses. Budget for the wedding, reception, clothes, gifts, honeymoon, etc. Make some calls to gather your information. Most wedding professionals will be happy to give you some estimates by phone. Be mindful that you do not take advantage of their time and goodwill.

After gathering your information, decide what’s most important to you about your wedding and reception. Then it’s time to meet with those who will be helping financially. Discuss and decide on the formality of your wedding, a budget, and who is responsible for what. This will help avoid misunderstandings later, which leads us to the next most common mistake.


Clear communication is important throughout the entire wedding planning process. Whether you are speaking with family, friends, or wedding professionals, express your desires and expectations clearly.

Clearly communicate those areas in which you feel comfortable making your own decisions, and those areas in which you will need and want others input. Gentle reminders may sometimes be necessary when someone is intruding on your territory or desires.


If you want a smooth and relatively worry free planning process, wedding, and reception then rely on the experts. No one knows their business better than they do. They’ve seen it all, making them the best source of creative ideas, and experts at handling any challenge.

There are wedding professionals to fit every budget. Check references so you feel confident that you are choosing a professional that you can count on. With weddings, you don’t get a second chance to get it right!


Shopping for your bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses is one of the most fun and enjoyable experiences you can share with someone. Unfortunately it can turn into a nightmare, if friends or family try to impose their own style or opinions on the bride. This unfortunate experience is usually due to ignorance, but sometimes it is a lack of caring for the feelings of the bride so choose your shopping companion wisely.

Shop with only one or two people at most. Whether it is your mother, sister or cousins, or your Aunt, you should choose someone who knows your style and personality, and that you can trust to be honest with you and most important, be supportive of you.


A wedding consultant can help you as much, or as little as you think necessary. A consultant can help you plan the whole wedding from beginning to end, or just help you for your rehearsal and/or wedding day. A good consultant can actually save you money by suggesting less expensive alternatives that still enhance your wedding. However, the biggest advantage of a consultant can be your savings in time and stress. Also a good venue or catering manager can be of great help to you. But the person who is worth his weight in gold to you is the full service DJ Entertainer who will lead, coordinate, and sequence your entire event.


Do express your desires and what is important to you, but don’t get hung up on all the details. Be open to other people’s ideas. Nurture spontaneity, it’s a great way to avoid stress. If your personality tends toward having to be in control, do yourself a favor and choose only one or two things to obsess over, and let the rest go. Obsessive brides tend to squeeze all the life and joy from wedding planning and their own wedding.


Having a sense of humor is really an asset in wedding planning. Use it. Look for humor in every situation. Take a deep breath and smile. If you find yourself becoming too stressed out, take some time off by yourself and regroup. Remember what your wedding is really all about. On your wedding day, if something goes wrong, remember you are probably the only one who will notice. Relax and let it go! Set aside family conflicts on your wedding day. Have a good time at your wedding. Surround yourself with people that you care about, good food, beautiful flowers, and music that makes you happy!