What are some key shots that must be in your wedding album? The answer to this question may have vary depending upon the photographer you ask, but the more innovative and professional photographer you hire for your wedding the more creative ideas you’re going to get.

Before discussing the ideas for wedding photography, let’s be clear about one thing, it’s okay for your loved ones and the family members to capture wedding pictures via their phones and cameras but it’s not enough. One must hire a professional photographer to make this event a memorable day for the couple as well as for all the guests. So you must have a look at portfolio of some amazing photographers listed at Shapewedding.

Why hire a professional photographer?

Amongst the most imperative elements of a wedding is the wedding photography. The wedding photography remains when everything else has been stuffed up. It’s the photos that will be reminding you of your life’s major event and will be looked by your off spring. Accordingly, one should contract the best photographer for his wedding. Wedding photography incorporates photos of the couple before marriage and in addition scope of the wedding and gathering.

Wedding photography is the most ideal approach to glorify your marriage day. You get married only once so it is wise to utilize an expert wedding photographer so that even decades back when you look at your wedding photo album, it must bring smile on your face.

Now coming towards the wedding photography ideas, there may be several unique ideas to make your marriage day a unique one. Have a glance on below mentioned ideas.

1) Aerial photography

Incorporate aerial photography idea to have aerial view of your wedding place, wedding dress and all the happenings of the wedding. This idea is really unique and you’ll love the photographs.

images (2)indian-wedding-aerial-decor-sangeet (1)


2)Photographs of rituals

Don’t miss the photographs of any ritual,any moment of laughter as these moments won’t return back so,it’s better to capture them and make them a beautiful memory.

images (5) images (8)

3) Photographs of the venue

Capture the best pictures of the venue of the wedding,it can be a wedding banquet or a wedding lawn on whom booking you had spent huge amount.Make everything contribute to your photo album.



4) Photographs of the wedding dress

capture complete pictures of wedding dress wore by bride and groom,the pictures must be detailed enough to clearly show the ornaments or accessories wore by the bride.

images (11) 11377107_753476968107414_8080225783143155516_n


5) Capture the romantic moments

capture all the cute and romantic poses of the couple indicating beginning of their beautiful journey.

downloadimages (12)


6) Superhero-themed groomsmen pictures

You can make a superhero theme for innovating pictures



7) Group pictures

Cluster up with the groomsmen and bridesmaids, then shoot from beneath.

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8) 3 generations ,1 picture

cluster up bride,bride’s mother and bride’s grand mother in one picture



9) Picture of groom with his mates

Ask mates of groom to throw the groom up into the air and capture the moment.enhanced-2847-1392248536-20


10) Photograph of the wedding ring

Take pinky promise picture showing off the wedding rings of bride and groom



11) Sentiment pictures with parents

Capture sentiment pictures of bride with their parents.

images (13)


12) Wedding car pictures

Capture the best pictures of wedding car:

car9download (3)