A honeymoon trip is a chance for a newly wed couple to make tracks in an opposite direction from the rushing about of ordinary life, the anxiety they experienced from arranging their wedding and consideration they got from family and companions in regards to their marriage.Now,it’s time for them to relax and enjoy among them selves. Honeymoon plays a key role in developing sense of togetherness between husband and wife. They tend to get deep understanding  about each other’s  attitude, persuasion, behaviour, nature etc.

For a perfect honeymoon,the location should be perfect,because this is the time which you as a couple will remember always, the every second of this time period should be attached to the tags of memory, love and joy.

If you’re in south Asia and don’t know much about best honeymoon destinations, here are few suggestion that might help you out.

Countries you can go to: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Maldives, UAE cities, regions you can go to:Andaman and Nicobar islands, Bangkok, Dubai, Hongkong, Kashmir, Kerala, Kuala lumpur, Manali, Munnar, Tokyo

1) Fusion Maia, Da Nang -Vietnam

In Vietnam, you can go to Fusion Maia, Da Nang resort. It is located on Veitnam’s central coast and it offers wonderful packages. There are massage rooms available where you can relax,get massage all over your body without any extra charge. This resort is so beautiful,one might feel really happy, comfortable and relaxed in such environment. It can help couple to start their new journey in a romantic way. There are private pools in the resort where the couple can enjoy among themselves plus you can have breakfast any where in the resort wherever you like.

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2) Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

Cambodia holiday ‘Private island’ and “vacation” go hand in hand. This spot is really  a little cut of paradise. You will have your resort and of course your own private pool. The island has shining clear water and delicate, white sand and it has the best Champagne Mojito mixed drinks ever . It can be a perfect spot for a couple to enjoy a quality time in this peaceful environment.

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3) Naladhu – Maldives

Naladhu is downright fantastic. An outdoors restroom with a swimming pool in it is simply piece of the bundle you can hope to get, alongside the uber sentimental hanging swing seat for two on the veranda. It’s simple yet rich and incorporates Butler Service. On the off chance that you’ve got the wallet, look no further people.

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4) Koslanda, Haputale – Sri Lanka

There aren’t numerous spots on the planet where you truly can re-authorize the Bounty advert with your other half, however at Koslanda you can do as such in private. The personal 4-room inn is situated on a broad pepper manor and has admittance to its own particular extremely awe waterfall. It is safe to swim in and the inn can organize picnics down at the waterfall in the day. We think this ticks a great deal of special night boxes.

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5) Hideaway, Arugam Bay – Sri Lanka

This is the ideal destination for any offbeat, surf cherishing special night couples.  The Hideaway in Arugam Bay is the ideal spot to hang out. Expect yummie mixed drinks, incredible nourishment and an up business sector back packer vibe. There you can have a twofold cabin, costs begin from about £180 every night.

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6) Caribbean

The islands of the Caribbean have long been mainstream for honeymooners because of wonderful shorelines, rich resorts, and a lot more. Each island has it’s own beauty and vibes, you can find anyone fitting to your choice.

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7) Tahiti

It is known for its rich over water homes, this island is heaven on earth. When you’re not caught up with relaxing on the shoreline, consider scuba jumping, snorkeling, paddling, horseback riding, taking a nature climb, leaving on a helicopter visit, or going to the neighborhood historical centers and shops.

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8) Bali
Bali is encompassed by coral reefs, straightforward waters, and perfect shorelines, this Indonesian asylum allures mates. Beside its ravishing normal components, the island is additionally known for its different works of art and its music.

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9) Thailand

The element and fun filled, Thailand has all that you can request. From delightful shorelines to the astounding shopping spree, extraordinary nourishment to relish upon and amazing night life, Thailand will make your honeymoon colorful and astonishing.

Thailand is additionally renowned for its shopping. The astounding night advertises, the drifting markets and the astonishing shopping centers. It has got all that you require for a perfect honeymoon.

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10) Ko Rong, Cambodia

The shorelines of this island have been voted as one of the best on the planet. The waters here are known for their photograph brightness. Also, long extends of white sands are as remote as they can be. This must be one of the top sentimental, yet rural shoreline destinations where you swim, lie on the shoreline, go for a trek, swim some more, watch starry skies and eat great sustenance. The other thing you can do is go for angling, take pontoon travels to find a greater amount of the island and enjoy some scuba plunging, however it is not so much the best.

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11) El Nido, Philippines

Philippines has bunches of shoreline occasion destinations, however the particular case that makes to this rundown is El Nido. Situated in the northern piece of the meagrely populated Palawan Island, El Nido is popular for its island jumping, scuba plunging, snorkelling and shocking sights. It’s gatherings are not on the scope of Boracay, but rather they are great regardless. The feasting background here is likewise really extraordinary.
Scenic Corong Corong Bay view of Palawan