Fun and joy are the real essence of  any relationship.If you want your relationship to include fun,joy and laughter then easiest way is to prank with your partner.Pranks create instant laughter plus it bonds the two individuals.

Follow the following pranks to make things funny around you.

1. Shaving his head,beard,eye brows in sleep.


2.  When he is sleeping, put the whipped cream on his hand. Tickle his nose. Splat! He just put whipping cream on his face.


3. Mix some chili powder with water and pour it in his moth when he is asleep.


4. Take Oreo biscuits,replace the creme with white toothpaste and make your partner eat it.

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5. Putting tape/a rubber band on the sink faucet sprayer.


6. Make funny/embarrassing tattoo on his back



7. Fill her hair-dryer with baby powder.


8. Pour the powdered cheese into a pitcher. Fill the pitcher with water. Stir and place at the center in the fridge.


9. Take  Kool-Aid powder, unscrew the shower head, pour in the powder, and re-attach. That first blast of water will bathe him liberally in sticky, brilliantly-colored Kool-Aid.


10. Fill a glass with Sprite or 7-Up, then add as much soya sauce as necessary to make the color of the Sprite match that of the Coke.He will spit the awful mixture out.


11. Take a screenshot of his phone’s home screen, setting the image as his background, and then swapping around the apps, leaving gaps, so that when he tries to use them, he’s selecting a blank screen.


12. Change the time of his mobile and other clocks to one hour before. Play this prank when he has to go to work the next day. He will find himself in the office one hour earlier than usual. In the meanwhile, he will be fuming over you! That’s when you can have that devilish laugh!
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13. Take liquid hand wash and replace it with glue, or another option is to add some red food coloring to it. Sit back and see his reaction whenever he goes to wash his hands.

14. Take air horn and place it under the seat in such a way that when he sits , the air horn goes off, and he will jump out of the seat.

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15. Put plastic wrap around the door frame of a commonly used door.

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