We see many men around who just back off when it comes to marriage,there may be few reasons for this described as:

Weddings Are Expensive

When you see anything about weddings in the media, it’s always presented as if only the woman cares about the day, and that men are just along for the ride. That’s a huge myth. Men are proud creatures, and we want to give you the best day possible. Let’s not forget that weddings have become even more expensive than ever before. You only have to look at the wedding planning industry to know that!

Weddings are pricey and most guys are afraid of letting you down or not meeting your expectations. It certainly doesn’t set the tone for a happy marriage.

Everyone Tells Us Marriage Is Bad

 Popular media has a lot to answer for here, too. Think about it. All we hear in the news is about which famous celebrity is getting divorced for the fourth time. The number of adverts for family and divorce lawyers is crazy, and every time you watch a male stand-up comedian, all you hear is jokes about divorce and how terrible marriage is.

Afraid of Divorce

No man gets married with a plan of getting divorced, but we know that it can happen. Is divorce cheap? NO. Is divorce pleasant? NO.

Most of us know someone that’s gone through divorce and we know about the anger, the resentment, the legal fees, the children that are dragged into it, the loss of friends. Divorce isn’t just expensive in financial terms. It’s expensive in emotional terms, and no man wants to think of his children or family being dragged into a long drawn out affair, full of frustration and nastiness.

Men with children are even more likely to be afraid of marriage because as statistics show, divorce almost certainly means a big loss of contact. No man wants to risk only seeing his family every other weekend.

Loss of spark 

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say things like, “The spark just died after we got married.”

There’s so much scaremongering out there about marriage it’s crazy. You only have to turn on the television or open the newspapers to read articles about saving your marriage, or fixing your dying relationship. Nobody goes into a marriage expecting it to go wrong, but society has almost programmed us to assume there’s a good chance it will go wrong.

Loss of Independence

Many men who are afraid of making the leap towards matrimony have an inaccurate image of marriage. They pick it up either from television, their parents or from friends’ parents. They’ve seen husbands’ being controlled by their wives and looking depressed because of it.

As you know, no one wants to be in a marriage where one person controls the other. Marriage is a partnership and couples should always remember that when they make that step into it.

Not Ready

People develop essential qualities to make them ready for the stage of marriage at different times. You may have developed all those qualities within a year, while it may take two or three for him. Note that it often takes men longer than women to reach the commitment level for marriage.