So, your wedding is just few weeks away? If yes, then you must read this article that might help you with your relationship.

Being engaged with the person you love feels awesome and prodigious. This is a period when you and your life partner develop together, and face essential choices that may influence your future together.

Marriage is a very delicate relationship and you should be very careful regarding every inch of it. When there are few days in your wedding and if you’re chatting with your bride then you should be very careful about your words that may affect your bride’s emotions and the way she feels about herself.

Following is the list of things that you should avoid talking about when your wedding is just few days away.

1. “Everything is going to be okay.”

It’s normal for brides to worry about their future as a wife as to how they are going to handle this new change in their lives and how much they’ll have to make effort to make their wedding work. What you should not do is to tell your brides to relax and make them believe that everything will be fine as you know without efforts and sacrifice one can get nothing so your lady should know that they’ll have to move an inch and they’ll have to sacrifice a bit to make everything work. You must appreciate them but don’t advise them to chill totally.

2. “Do you want to get in shape?”

You should never ask this question to your bride especially when your wedding is just few days away because it will make her think that you don’t like her the way she is and that she won’t look pretty in her wedding dress. This will spoil all the wedding plans so it’s better to avoid it.

3. ”What was the date of your wedding shower”

This one is just an outstanding irritation, yet at the same time sufficiently legitimate to be said. The lady is madly restless the most recent weeks of her engagement, and soliciting when one from her gatherings is adds to her push. This question will may make her think you don’t care about her important occasion or it may appear somewhat ludicrous.

4. ”Are you sure the venue is nice?”

If you ask this question to your bride then it’ll make her think that you don’t like the venue and that she has made wrong decision while selecting the venue so try to be appreciative and avoid such questions.

5. ”Do you want to rethink about what you want to do at your wedding?”

You should know that brides plan for their big day several months before, they plan every inch of the wedding. So, if you make such statements they’re just going to ruin bride’s plans as she’ll think what she has planned is not good and everyone will dislike it. Try to avoid asking such questions.

6. ”Where you’re going for honeymoon?” You must go to Paris/hongkong/Maldives

There are numerous elements that become an integral factor when a couple choose honeymoon destination so, you should not impose them that they should go somewhere else place rather than what they have chosen as it’ll make them feel that they have made the wrong decision or it might hurt them if  they couldn’t  afford that much luxury.

7. ”Are you going to attempt to have kids immediately? “     

You should never ask this question as it’ll make the bride anxious if she really wanted to try for kids as she might think that you don’t want kids so early.

8. ”What’s on the menu for the wedding? “

Don’t ask such questions as it’ll make the bride think that menu is not good and that there should be something else especially when all the arrangement is nearly done.

9. ”Have you begun your wedding diet? “

This question will make your bride think that she is overweight and you want her to lose weight even if you’re not intending to say so.

10. ”Are you feeling nervous? “

Nonetheless of whether the bride appears to be nervous, you truly shouldn’t bring this up. It could be inferred that she ought to be apprehensive about her wedding, and shake any certainty she may have. Additionally, don’t mistake nerves for anxiety. A spouse may appear to be to a great degree troubled three weeks prior to her wedding, yet upon the arrival of she could be skimming on air. On the other hand more terrible, on the off chance that she doesn’t feel apprehensive, she may begin to wind up stressed that she isn’t and get to be focused about whether or not she is settling on the right decision.